Live Updates

TIGJam 5 is happening right now! Updates:

It's TIGJam Time!

TIGJam 5 is the fifth somewhat-annual game jam celebrating the TIGSource community!

What's a TIGJam?

TIGJam is an environment of intense game creation! We do not run a theme or any sort of competition, but many participants choose to focus on a new project or prototype. You are more than welcome to jam on an existing project, or anything you want really! Just do something rad!


Where is TIGJam 5?

It all happens at Hacker Dojo, which is more specifically located at 599 Fairchild Dr, Mountain View, CA.

When is TIGJam 5?

It's all day every day from June 20th to June 23rd in the year 2013.

What's the ticket cover?

  • Buying snacks and drinks for 4 days of jamming.
  • An excellent and exclusive TIGJam shirt.
  • A wrap up dinner at the conclusion of the jam.
  • The blood, sweat, and tears of the organizers.
  • Using the amazing Hacker Dojo space.

Survival Guide

Laptop Computer

It's going to be pretty crowded at Hacker Dojo! If you want to jam efficiently, a laptop is the best bet. If you don't have access to a laptop, or need to bring a bigger set up, please get in touch with us as soon as you can!

Good Headphones

The jam is a social environment. People are going to be up and walking around, mingling, playing Street Fighter, and cracking wise. If you are easily distracted, make sure your headphones can shut out the world around you when it's time to work.

A Working Workflow

TIGJam is not the time nor place to install software, download updates, or figure out your iPhone provisioning profile problems. Make sure you have your pipeline set up and ready to go before the jam begins!


Figure out where you're going to be sleeping and showering, because Hacker Dojo won't be providing space for either! Make arrangements with someone in the area, or pool together for a cheap motel room. For help, check out the TIGJam thread!

Jam Hours

Hacker Dojo is open 24/7, but you'll still probably want to sleep at some point. Sleeping at the Dojo is ill-advised, and the TIGJam Wellness Initiative recommends holding a normal sleep cycle to survive the entire jam.


If you have registered then you will have provided the TIGJam Merchandise Team with your t-shirt size. When you arrive we will blast a shirt of your specified size at you from a cannon when you least expect it. Be prepared!

Post Jam India-an Dinner

Everyone loves stuffing their face after a weekend of insane productivity, so please stick around for the post-jam dinner! Take some time to reflect on your TIGJam accomplishments through a feast of indian food.