TIGJam 3 is the third-annual game jam celebrating the TIGSource community.

  • Four days of jamming at Hacker Dojo
  • Heartfelt talks from indie heroes
  • Tickets include t-shirt, snacks, and final dinner
  • Promote us with this sweet flyer!


TIGJam 3 will be held at Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA.

Details and Expectations

TIGJam is an environment of intense game creation. We do not run a theme or competition, but many participants choose to focus on a new project or prototype. You are more than welcome to jam on an existing project, though! Just do something rad.

  • Laptop Computer. It's going to be crowded. A laptop is best. If you don’t have a laptop available, please email us as soon as possible!
  • Good Headphones. The jam is a social environment. People will be walking around, mingling and cracking wise. If you are easily distracted, make sure you bring headphones for when you want to work.
  • A Working Worfklow. Make sure your pipeline is set up and working! There’s nothing worse than installing software, updates, or getting your iPhone provisioning profile working while everyone around is cranking out awesome stuff. Come prepared!
  • Lodging. Please make arrangements with someone in the area (or pool together for a cheap motel room). If you are local, and want to offer space, keep an eye on this thread too! Sleeping under your desk isn't a practical solution. for a 4-day jam...
  • Jam Hours. The Hackjer Dojo is open 24/7. You'll probably want to sleep at some point. Sleeping at the dojo is ill-advised. We recommend you hold normal-ish hours for longevitity purposes.
  • T-Shirts. We’ll have shirts in your size when you arrive (specified on the entry form). Shirts are covered by your entry fee.
  • End-of-jam Dinner. If you can, please stick around for the official end-of-jam dinner on Sunday night!

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Matthew Wegner, Jeff Lindsay, Derek Yu
TIGJam Organizers